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Mobile Website Features




  • Load fast and Easy readable content - Mobile users are always in a hurry, they expect to find what they want easily and fast.
  • Seamlessly convert from desktop site to mobile-friendly site - Most important content of your desktop version, easy navigation, click to call funcionality, contact us button/links, request info buttons, etc.
  • Simply navigation - search functionality.
  • Map Location - Consumers look for local info on their phones all the time -from locating the cheapest gas station to finding the nearest open pizza place. 
    • your address or store locator on the landing page.
    • Maps and directions. We will use GPS to personalise if possible.
  • Thumb Friendly - People use their fingers to operate their mobile devices – especially their thumbs. We design your site so even large hands can easily interact with. 
  • Attractive design - we design your mobile site with a sleek design and at the same time easy for your customers to read.
  • Mobile Site Redirect Detection - This feature automatically tell if a visitor is using a mobile device and send him/her to the mobile-friendly version of your site.
    • We also give users a choice to go back to the desktop site, but make it easy to return to the mobile site.
    • We let users choose which version they prefer to see for later visits.
  • Accesability - Your mobile site will work across all major mobile devices (iphone, android, blackberry and window mobile phones) and all handset orientations (vertical or horizontal).